Meet the team

Joel Banes


Stephen Bone

Managing Director, Whole Loan Trading

John Hirt

Managing Director, Financial Strategies

Matt Monaco


Brian Swanson

Chief Operating Officer

Lender Relations

Jennifer Coltharp

Director of Lender Relations

Madeleine Lewis

Lender Relations Associate

John Wade

Product Specialist – SBA

Financial Strategists

Marie Fitts

Financial Strategist

Ben Garvin

Financial Strategist

Casey Goodwin

Financial Strategist

Matt Ihrke

FRM, Financial Strategist

Alston Meeks

Financial Strategist

Lee Olswanger

Financial Strategist

Mario Ovelar

Financial Strategist

Jack Paratore

Financial Strategist

Steven Shelton

Financial Strategist

Paul G. Smith

Financial Strategist

Scott Soltau

Senior Strategist

Sam Wilson

Financial Strategist


Carl Moerbe, CFA

Managing Director, Chief Strategist

Jacob Munsell

Strategies Analyst


Hailey Atwill-Layrock

SBA Trader

Maddy Danziger

Vice President, Whole Loan Trading

Jack Ihrke

Financial Analyst I, Whole Loan Trading

Jim Tait

Managing Director, Mortgage-Backed Securities

Operations & Support

Kevin Bentley

Director of Compliance

Katie Campbell

Client Services Associate

Margaret Echols

SBA Settlements

Brandon Hamann

Digital Marketing Manager

Chase Mednikow

Communications & Events Manager

Denise Omar, HRCM

Human Resources

Tarasha Payne

Director of Accounting

Nancy Raileanu

Director of Strategist Training and Support

Donna Reed

Accounting Specialist

Denice Susen

Director of Operations